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I am a BIG fan of 111SKIN Masks. One of my all-time favorite mask treatments is their Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Masks.

This targeted transformative treatment works on the weakest parts of your face. It consists of dissolving patches made of 150 micro cones which physically penetrate the skin at 0.3mm. They contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin C - two potent ingredients that create hydrated, plumper skin with diminished pigmentation.

The active ingredients are delivered directly to the areas where they are applied. This dissolving technology provides 100% product absorption, and allows for easy clean-up.

Apply the mask onto clean, dry skin to the center of your chosen target zone and firmly press down the patch. Leave on for a minimum of 2 hours (or overnight.) Do not glide or slide the patch. Once removed, you can follow up with your normal skin care routine.