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Not only does proper cleansing give skin a chance to breathe, it also clears away impurities so your skin has the best opportunity to repair and recover from product build-up and exposure to pollutants and free radicals in our environment. It also allows for the rest of your routine to be more effective. 

In the same way we change our foundations and moisturizers to suit the seasons, we should rotate the kinds of cleansers we use – a product used in winter might be too heavy in summer, and vice versa.

There are no two ways about it: Cleansing is an absolute must-do daily step for maintaining the health of our skin. Always take the time to cleanse properly both morning and night. In the morning, I use a linen wash cloth and warm water for a gentle cleanse, and leave the more thorough cleansing routine for the evening. 

Below are some of my current favorite cleansers.

This milky cleanser with added vitamins is great for dehydrated, dull and/or mature skin conditions. Vitamin E will help product absorption, and vitamin F helps form a stronger lipidc barrier to resist to external aggressions. 
A refreshing gel-emulsion for sensitive skin. Ideal cleansing for thin, irritated and sensitive skin.
This low foaming gel cleanser gently removes excess surface oil, make-up and impurities while keeping skin balanced. Gentle enough to use every day.