There are no two ways about it: Cleansing is an absolute must-do daily step for maintaining the health of our skin.

Not only does proper cleansing give skin a chance to breathe, it also clears away impurities so your skin has the best opportunity to repair and recover from product build-up and exposure to pollutants present in our environment.

My Top Two Cleansing Commandments

1. Switch it up. In the same way we change our foundations and moisturizers to suit the seasons, we should rotate the kinds of cleansers we use – a product used in winter might be too heavy in summer, and vice versa.

2. Do it well. I get it, life is nonstop! But promise me no matter how busy or tired you might be, you’ll always take the time to cleanse properly both morning and night. I’m talking with a washcloth and water in the A.M., and a thorough cleanse at night using a good-quality product – or two! – that works well for your skin.

Here are some of my current MVPs of the cleansing game:

Skin Condition: Dry

You don’t want to work dry skin too much, so something like Omorovicza's gentle cleansing balm that provides a deep cleanse without stripping the skin.


Skin Condition: Sensitive

Look for products featuring gentle, natural ingredients that aren’t going to be too aggressive on your sensitive skin. This Malin + Goetz gentle foaming cleansing gel replaces harsh detergents with grapefruit extract. It’s a great pick for makeup removal – eye makeup included! – and you might find you don’t need to use a separate toner afterward.


Skin Condition: Oily

Oily skin is often the one most at risk of breakouts if not cleansed properly. The key here is finding products that facilitate a thorough cleanse without being too heavy. Tatcha's Classic Rice Enzyme Powder get my vote and can work wonders on skin that is naturally prone to oiliness.

Skin Condition: Normal

This beautiful, mineral-rich facial milk from Oille features 94% organic ingredients, including USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil and pure essential oils including Lemon, Rosemary and Aloe Vera. Blend with a little warm water for a deep cleanse that smells incredible and leaves skin silky smooth.