It is never too early to start taking care of your skin! Dr. Barbara Sturm also knows this, which is why she created an addition to her coveted line of products; the Baby + Kids Mini Mollecular collection, dermatologically tested and specifically formulated for little ones.

Inspired after giving birth to her younger daughter (the adorable, instagram famous, Pepper!), Dr. Sturm wanted the softest, purest products to use on her infant’s delicate skin.

Formulated without fragrance and harmful irritants, the products contain ingredients including almond blossom extract and jojoba oil to soothe, hydrate, and protect sensitive baby skin. The collection is gentle enough to use every day.

This line is also terrific for pregnant and nursing women. I find that many of my pregnant clients and new moms are extra careful about what they put on their skin. They find that many products and lines are too harsh, or they are too sensitive to the added perfumes and fragrances. 

Below are a few of my favorites:

Face Cream

Baby & Kids Face Cream is an intensely soothing rich lotion formulated to protect children’s sensitive skin against external influences such as cold and harsh weather. Highly efficient and safe-for baby ingredients such as almond blossom and calendula form a soothing, protective barrier around delicate skin. Jojoba and sweet almond oil nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and moisturized.

Body Cream

Body Cream is a specially formulated lotion that uses marigold extract to protect delicate skin from external elements, and chamomile extract to soothe and calm skin. Precious jojoba and sweet almond oil keep the skin soft, smooth, and hydrated, while also maintaining its natural softness.

Hair + Body Shampoo

Hair and Body Shampoo is a soft foaming cleanser created to wash the hair, sensitive scalp and body of your child. The product is also safe to use around their delicate eye region. Soothing almond blossom extract relieves rash irritations, while jojoba oil provides long-lasting moisture. 

Featured Products

Face Cream Woman Rich

Facial Care $230.00

Face Cream Woman Rich

The Body Cream

Body Care $165.00

The Body Cream

Shampoo Bar

Hair Care $27.00

Shampoo Bar