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While I have called Dallas home for over 6 years, I am still so connected to New York City.

So, when I meet people who have a certain energy, that reminds me of NYC, I immediately bond with them. Tina Craig is one of these people.  She is strong, smart, funny, and most importantly, she has a small (wink wink) bag collection that far outweighs my small (wink wink) shoe collection.

Tina has become a friend and a regular client (although genetics has more to do with her gorgeous skin than I do)!! I sat down with her post cryotherapy, to discuss her ascent to global influencer status, what she can’t live without, and of course I tried to make her pick favorites…

Tina, you are a pioneer with BagSnob, as one of the first major fashion influencers.  How did you get started?

13 years ago, when blogs were journals for hobbyists or for frustrated writers and artists-, I launched with a college friend. We had just left exciting careers in entertainment and fashion industries to marry and have children. Once our babies were born, we wanted an outlet for our love of fashion. Bagsnob was born out of that love.

Were there any major obstacles when you began? 

For one, “blog” was a dirty 4 letter word back then! It doesn’t have the same glamorous connotation the word blogger carries with it now. It was the “Wild West” so to speak, and brands wanted nothing to do with us. We had to show them how influential it was to speak directly to luxury consumers. I was a bag collector and owned most of the bags I wrote about- that voice of authority and authenticity resonated with readers and was different from that of the “aspirational” blogger. Access was difficult, brands were not sending gifts by the box load as they do now. So we would window shop and/or buy the bags we reviewed.

What do you think it means to be an influencer now?    How is it different from when you started?

It’s so different now and the space has changed a lot with social media. Nowadays anyone can be an influencer - and it doesn’t always involve expertise in anything as long as you’re truly passionate about the subject. If you are photogenic, have great style and are social media savvy you can be a Street style influencer. If you’re a good cook and take great photos of your meals, you’re qualified to be a food influencer. If you love to travel and take dreamlike/inspiring images- you’re a travel influencer. Content is everything. It’s all about your ability to create unique content and to share/connect with people.

Instagram is so powerful!  I feel like it’s where I shop, where I get recommendations, and where I meet people, including you!

Yes!  I’d heard about your magic hands from someone and I started stalking you...

What are your beauty must-haves?

Augustinus Bader cream is life! Dr. Bader is a stem cell scientist and this cream is a miracle. Vintners Daughter serum is a must before bed. And of course, can’t live without your cryotherapy facial along with a good (face) slapping. 

What was your first handbag? 

My first designer handbag was Gucci. It was the classic logo shoulder style with a matching wallet.

What is your favorite handbag?

I don’t have a favorite bag, but I am definitely partial to my Hermès Kelly bags.

Tell me something nobody else knows! 

Back in the 90’s, I had a travel/food show. I’d travel and eat my way around Asia!

What’s next for you?!

I invested in an Influencer agency this last year and have a few other tech projects in the works.