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As important as customization is in skin care, it is equally as important in diet. Our nutrition philosophy is based on the concept of Bio-Individuality™, which means that while we as humans share many similarities, each of us has a unique microcosm and therefore, a one-size-fits-all diet does not exist.

This is a more effective approach than traditional nutrition recommendations, which tend to take general rules and apply them to everyone; which explains why diets that focus on a current “trend” are difficult to sustain and don’t work for everyone.

The four main tenets of Bio-Individuality™️ to focus on when it comes to diet are:

  1. Each person has highly individualized nutritional needs based on many factors including genetic background, metabolic rate, blood type, natural body size + shape, personal taste and age.
  2. Your nutritional needs change over time - what you needed as an infant is very different from what you need as an adolescent or elderly person. As your life changes, so will your diet.
  3. What works for one person, may prove dangerous for another. Our bodies are made up of a series of biochemicals. So, when we digest food, a chemical reaction takes place - these reactions differ from person to person.
  4. You are the only person who really knows when something feels different in your body. Make sure to listen to what it is telling you. Cultivating your intuition will guide your food and lifestyle choices, making it possible for your body and mind to perform at their fullest potential while transforming into your healthiest self.