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The artist known as The Blake Wright is a beautiful soul. Handsome and half naked, he shares my love of dirty jokes and he is truly talented.  Blake and I found each other and for that I am a happier Polish blond in Texas!

I had the pleasure of getting into the head of this creative creature with a little Q + A 

Who is Blake Wright? What inspires you?

Blake Wright is an ARTIST. TEXAN. RECOVERING TWINK. living, working, and jogging in Dallas. I am mostly inspired by my close friends, to be honest. While most people are preoccupied documenting their lives on their phones merely to post it on social media and never revisit that photo ever again, I like to draw small ephemeral moments of my friends’ lives and capture them on paper, to give that memory importance and weight, allowing that friend to revisit, remember, and cherish that memory. Not just get likes. I also like to draw fashion (SHOES!!!!!!) and I suppose I’m a bit of a jokester too, so a lot of my drawings tend to lean towards JOKE territory.

How would you describe your art?

I like to use the word “ILLUSTRATION” in conversation because I believe it is the quickest way of getting people to envision “SMALL INTIMATE DRAWINGS” which is how I would describe my art. I LOVE DRAWINGS. and not just my OWN, all of them: comics books. wall paper. fashion prints. A large part of my motivation to collect tattoos is this same adoration of all things drawing. 

What makes you happy?

SATIVAS! Actually, I find my own personal freedom to be the most contributing factor to my happiness. Working for myself is a constant struggle of managing my time, my money, my future. There’s no safety net in place. However, those small stresses pale in comparison to the JOY I derive from being the queen of my own time bank and not having to answer to a man. 

Do you remember how we met? 

Well, it certainly wasn’t on TINDER. haha. I had an art show at VOD BOUTIQUE down the street from your studio a few years back and you came down and introduced yourself. We got along instantly. I am always attracted to people who have discovered a passion and dedicated their life to its pursuit - be they artists, chefs, furniture buffs, authors, concert goers, hairdressers, drag queens, or ESTHETICIANS! I could listen to Joanna talk about skin care for hours. and I could listen to her talk about shoes for DAYS. 

We collaborated on a tote bag that was equal parts disruptive and adorable, and I believe there is a portrait I drew of you floating around somewhere as well.

Draw something that describes how you are feeling right now

I drew a Texas egret downing a box of azithromycin because I was diagnosed with chlamydia today… and you thought YOUR day sucked? haha


What is next for TBW? 

I recently had the opportunity to spend an entire month in ORACLE ARIZONA at an artist residency program where I drew and drew and drew for weeks on end and I am now in the throws of putting a little a show together in order to exhibit these new works because I think people are going to be very surprised with how DIFFERENT and LARGE SCALE they are! I will be sure to keep y’all posted…. xo