When youth is on our side, it’s easy to forget we should be taking care of the neck and décolletage area with the same level of love we bestow on our faces.

As time goes on, it’s natural for this delicate area to lose the kind of elasticity, bounce-back and clear, bright appearance it afforded us in our younger days. Happily, there are things we can do to slow and reduce this process.


Just like the jaw, chin, T-zone and other common areas where breakouts can often appear, the neck is another that can suffer from congestion, so get into the habit of thoroughly cleansing it regularly.

Use Proper Products

Some of the most common décolletage concerns include sagginess, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. What works for other parts of the body does not necessarily work for this delicate part of our bodies.

The skincare community is finally addressing this area and there are some great products that address these concerns wonderfully.

This Meder Gel Net-Apax Cleanser gel-emulsion with yoghurt powder and goat’s milk peptides is perfect for applying to both the neck and décolletage. Use morning and night.

MBR Cell-Power Neck & Decolleté Cream helps hydrate, rejuvenate stem cells, and improve microcirculation, while the serum contains vitamins C and E can boost moisture levels and help protect this delicate area from premature aging.

Use these products sparingly, and apply them by lightly massaging upwards with your fingertips.

Be Sun Smart

One true tell-tale sign of aging is the presence of fine lines and hyperpigmentation on the chest – and the delicate skin here is super-vulnerable to UV damage. A common mistake is using foundations containing SPF on the face, and forgetting about the neck and chest. To combat this, apply a broad-spectrum, high protection SPF to the face, neck and chest 30 minutes before going outside, and regularly throughout the day after that, too.