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I am constantly trying and considering new skincare brands for our retail offerings and treatments, but there are also older iconic brands that I have been using for many years whose products are the best in class and Avene is one of them.

Sourced from a Natural Thermal Spring

In the town of Avène, a small village in the southwest of France, there is a thermal spring which dates back to the late 18th century, and is the source of a unique, pure water with exceptional soothing and calming properties. The biodiversity and low rate of human activities ensure it remains untouched from modern-day technology, pollution and contamination that could disrupt the composition.

This thermal water is the basis for the brand whose products are wonderful for skins of all ages, especially sensitive, dehydrated and dry complexions.

Formulated with the most efficacious ingredients, Avène uses a team of dermatologists to develop their products and then a rigorous testing system that ensures the efficacy and safety of the line. They also utilize an airtight packaging process that keeps the formulas sterile.

The hero product is the Avene Thermal Spring Water which hydrates, heals and soothes the skin. I am excited to be able to offer this must-have along with some of my other favorites: