Many people focus their skincare routines exclusively on what they consider the ‘face’ and forget about other parts of the body that can actually significantly show our age, specifically neck and chest wrinkles, breast skin, and décolletage. This is why it is important to remember that our faces start at the nipples and end at the hairline.

The skin on your neck and décolletage has fewer sebaceous glands. And without these natural emollients, your skin dries out more quickly, making it more susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun, wind, cold and pollution. As a result, lines, wrinkles, and ‘age’ spots appear sooner than in other areas of your body.  And let’s not forget about  ‘tech neck’, the modern-day dilemma of necklines caused by the constant motion of looking down at our phones.  

Reminding people that the face actually encompasses the neck and décolletage, helps them to take better care of these areas.  In the Studio, we perform Biologique Recherche’s Micro-Puncture Lab treatment (similar to microneedling - it creates small, micro-punctures in the dermis for increased cellular turnover, collagen production, plumpness and tightness of skin, resurfacing and retexturizing, and allows for deeper penetration of products) as well as Red LED treatments, which also target wrinkles and stimulate the production of collagen.  At home, one of my favorite tips is to treat your body from the jawline to the toes and your face from the nipples to the forehead so that your neck and décolletage get double the treatment!

My goal with all of my clients and myself is for our skin to look as healthy and vital at whatever age we are.  For me, anti-aging means we would have to be dead, but if we optimize the care and condition of all of our skin, we will ensure that we age gracefully throughout our lives.