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I met designer Francisco Costa this year as he was launching his beauty collection, Costa Brazil. He invited me to his apartment which was serving as the company’s office at the time,  and the meeting was magical. He himself is kind, smart, compassionate and gorgeous inside and out. Francisco lives a life of true beauty that permeates through everything that surrounds him in the most elegant and simple ways.  The world is a better place because of him, I am sure of it.

What was your first job ever? 

Working with my mother at her factory; She was a bold and entrepreneurial woman, a leader and organizer in our community. 

How did you get your start in the fashion industry? 

My mother ran a childrenswear factory so that was my first exposure to fashion in a sense, but really it’s when I got to New York, I observed everything and was like a sponge. When I arrived at FIT it gave me the tools to create something from what I was observing. 

What was the most pivotal moment in your career? 

A career is made up of steps, mastery of one skill leading you to the next. Taking this step into a new category per-se, is above the most exciting of all. My job now allows me to see, speak and connect with everyone. 

Why did you decide to transition into Beauty? 

I had the concept for Costa Brazil in my mind for some time and beauty felt like the most universal and connected way to bring it to life. 

What were your biggest challenges? 

Taking the time to find the right partners that share the same vision. Products should challenge us to be better, to feel better.

What is your definition of Beauty? 

Beauty shines in nature.

What are your beauty essentials? 

Ice water, Dry Brush, Costa Brazil Body and Face Oil 

What inspires you? 

People, objects, design, the elegance of simplicity.  

Tell me a secret no one knows.  

There are no secrets; I guess everyone knows everything these days!