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When I moved to the States 29 years ago from Poland, I needed to learn English and that is why I read.

Sophie’s Choice was the first book I picked up in English and it took me 2 months to read 60 pages! I eventually went on to read every single Mary Higgins Clark novel and supplemented the thrillers with The National Inquirer and Star magazine- the pictures made it easier to understand the words.

Today, I read for three reasons: to learn, to meditation, and to relax.

I do wish that I had a more patient husband that would help me practice my English. But, I have to improvise…I have found that reading is the best way to develop my limited vocabulary. Thanks, Alec!

Reading is my chosen form of meditation. When I read, I am transported in to a different world. I am laser focused on the moment with the book in my hand (yes, I still like a real book).  I am not thinking of my clients, or my list of things I need to do; it is my time to take a step away from responsibility and escape.

Reading is also a wonderful way to fall asleep; when I crawl into bed after a long day and pick up a book, I become relaxed and sleepy and it usually doesn’t take long, before I am out for the night.

Below are my current favorites:

Final Gifts by Maggie Callahan + Patricia Kelley

My father recently passed away and to say this has been difficult time is an understatement. We were very very close.  This book has resonated with me and is helping me deal with my grief.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Wow, let me tell you…this book was really terrific on many levels: The writing is beautiful, and the characters are so real and full.  It is a wonderful story of friendship and life.

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

Thrillers are my weakness and this one is so good. A page-turner with a terrific pot twist!

Crazy Rich Asian Trilogy by Kevin Kwan

This is trashy satire in at its best –it’s entertaining, it’s fun and it’s over the top. They’ve made it into a film, which I can’t wait to see!