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Manolo Blahnik BB in Red Suede

'Every season, I explore and aim to achieve the perfect shape and cut for my court shoe. I first designed the ‘BB’, which is named after Brigitte Bardot, one of my greatest inspirations, in 2008 and it became a classic. It’s a good shoe for every occasion’ - Manolo Blahnik

Let me start by saying that the Manolo Blahnik BB Pump is the MVP in my extensive shoe collection.  I own it in many colors, fabrics and heel heights because it is impeccable and timeless. It never goes out of style! 

Mr. Blahnik cuts new ones every season, so if I need an update or a special color or fabric, it is there for me.

I wear these when I need to dress up and want my legs to look their best. The flattering cut reveals the arch of the foot, and the vamp is cut very close to the toe box.  They are sexy, without being overt.

These red suede ones are a great pop of color – they are my version of red lipstick.  Seductive and classic; a great combo, and I think my husband would agree…