Diamonds, gold, and a good sheet mask are a girl’s best friend, no?

So when I came across Knesko, a new California mask brand created by a Reiki Master that is infused with diamonds and gold, I was intrigued.

Knesko takes an individual approach to skin care by embracing holistic elements that combine both science and spirituality. The gemstone and mineral masks are not only opulent, but the rocks used, have long been known to possess great healing powers, balance specific chakras, and enhance the skin’s natural ability to revitalize itself.

Below are my picks from this unique line:

Diamond Radiance Eye Mask:

Infused with diamond powder and collagen, this anti-oxidant rich mask, minimizes dark circles, brightens, hydrates and energizes. It is also supposed to activate the Crown chakra, located at the top of your head. How? By diamonds activating the crown chakra for ultimate healing and alignment.

Diamond Radiance Neck and Décolleté Mask Combo:

One of my mantras is your face begins at your nipples and end at your forehead and this mask targets two of the most fragile areas are often forgotten—your neck and décolleté! This collagen based mask clings to the skin, gently exfoliating, brightening, and rejuvenating it.

NanoGold Repair Face Mask:

Using colloidal gold nanotechnology, this mask works to firm, lift, and hydrate the skin. It addresses fine lines, loss of elasticity, inflammation and sun damage. I love the gold color too!


Featured Products

Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream

Facial Care $300.00

Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream

Neck & Décolleté Renewing Sheet Masks

Body Care $90.00

Neck & Décolleté Renewing Sheet Masks

CytoLine Face Mask 100

Facial Care $269.00

CytoLine Face Mask 100