Most beauty routines are geared to our faces. However, we tend to neglect one of the most prominent parts of our visage; our lips!

Lips are home to some of the most sensitive skin on the body, so it is important to give them the same attention we give the rest of our face.

Sun damage is a real concern when it comes to lips.  Lips can get burned too!  Sunburn to your lips can cause changes in collagen resulting in wrinkles and mouth lip thinning. Just like you would on your face, applying a lip balm with SPF regularly, will help combat UV rays.

The lips can dry out easily from sun exposure as well as from the enzymes in the saliva that are triggered by the digestive system. Licking  and biting your lips can cause dehydration, sensitivity and leave your lips at higher risk for sun damage cracks and canker sores. Ouch!

Did you know that lips never sweat? They don’t have sweat or oil glands. This is unlike the skin on your body or face, which have sebaceous glands that help excrete sebum (oils). As a result, the lips can become chapped and/or dry more easily.

The good news is that there are some terrific, simple remedies to heal your lips and make sure they look their best.

The first step to smooth, healthy lips is gentle exfoliation which can be done with a washcloth or soft toothbrush.

In order to revive dry lips,  try this balm. For lip lines and wrinkles MBR Lip Contour Refiner is great! I love a good mask and this one is collagen infused,  hydrating this delicate area.     

If fuller, younger lips are what you’re looking for, try the Meso Infusion Lip Mask. This mask is a great alternative to fillers and implants. It is two stage process: stage 1 plumps and stage 2 repairs.

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