MBR holds true to its name (Medical Beauty Research).

This small batch, medically driven brand focuses on providing a skincare regimen that protects against environmental stressors. It uses only the best ingredients in the highest possible concentrations without sacrificing skin tolerance. The team of leading German dermatologists and aesthetic physicians at MBR understand that different skin conditions demand different approaches, so they produce products for individuals (and I could not agree more)! My absolute favorites are the following:

Cream Extraordinary

This intensive moisturizer made of deeply nourishing ingredients and gold flakes stimulates the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The illuminating flakes of gold found throughout brighten the overall skin.

Eye Cream Smooth 100

A real treat for sore eyes, this cream is specifically designed to regenerate and renew the delicate eye area. It diminishes under eye bags, eye puffiness and dark circles significantly. The gold dispersed all through the cream allows for complete absorption and smoother, firmer, and brighter eye area is instantly noticeable.

Enzyme Cleansing Booster

When applied every morning and night, this cleanser helps minimize the look of skin imperfections while also restoring the skin’s surface structure. It leaves skin feeling revitalized and purified with a more even complexion.

Liquid Surgery Serum

This powerful serum takes the skin to a new level by aiding in the complete rejuvenation of cell metabolism. The neuromuscular blocking compounds found in this serum dramatically reduces wrinkles and creases. Apply the Cream Extraordinary mentioned above to make sure and get the full effects of the line.

I also love to recommend their sun protection products. My personal go-to is the High Protection Face Cream SPF 30 which is specially good for those of us who burn more easily. All sun care in this line is completely fragrance-free, making it ideal for sensitive skin (and noses)!