Created by Katie Sturino - advocate, influencer and founder of The 12ish Style -Megababe is a line of thoughtfully conceived and expertly crafted products that “take the Ouch and the Ugh out of being a woman.

I met Katie earlier this year and I absolutely fell in love. She is one of the funniest, honest, most confident people I have ever met. Katie is very smart, she created a brand of serious products that address issues that many people don’t want to talk about and she did it with style and humor.

It is this philosophy that he used to create two incredible products steeped in science, that really work.

Rosy Pits Daily Deoderant

Rosy Pits Daily Deodorant attracted so much attention that within eight minutes of it being launched, it was sold out. Instead of using aluminum, alcohol, baking soda or parabens (all products you want to avoid in deodorant), she uses sage and green tea, to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. The stick is invisible and the fresh, rosy scent will have you sniffing your pits all day long.

Thigh Rescue Anti Chafe Stick

The Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafing Stick is a balm-like formula created to act as a barrier that sits on top of skin, allowing thighs that rub to glide smoothly against each other. Aloe, grapeseed oil and antioxidant rich vitamin E provide extra hydration.

Dust Bust Anti Chafe Powder

This ultra fine, 100% natural, talc-free powder is formulated with bacteria-fighting lavender and soothing chamomile to absorb sweat, helping keep your bra and top dry and free of uncomfortable chafe.