Masks are more popular than ever, and when you consider the benefits they can add to your regular skincare routine, and the ease of application, it’s easy to understand why.

I’m a huge fan of masks and recommend them to my clients to help with all sorts of skin conditions. Here are just some of my current favorites, and how best to use them.

Best mask for… Reducing the signs of aging 

111Skin, Meso Infusion Overnight Mask

This one is a great pick for targeting specific zones as you can place it over the area that you want to treat. It contains two of the most effective ingredients celebrated for their anti-aging properties – hyaluronic acid to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and vitamin C to reduce pigmentation. The micro-structure technology of this mask will penetrate deep into the skin and dissolve overnight. So clever!

Best mask for… Instant hydration

Tatcha, Deep Hydration Lifting Mask

Try the Deep Hydration Lifting Mask if replenishing dry skin is your top concern. Apply the sheet for a cooling, tingling, spa-like experience that delivers a super-effective hydrating formula, thanks to ingredients like Red Algae, Green Tea, and Silk Extract.

Best mask for… Sagging skin

Meder, Masque Lipo-Oval

This multi-tasking sheet mask is great for improving the appearance of dull, fatigued skin by helping to even out skin tone, promote drainage, and calm and lift the skin. It’s a great complementary skincare step you can do at home in between a course of your professional treatments to boost results.

Best mask for… Eyes

CIRCCELL, Insight Collagen Eye Treatment Mask

Wake up and refresh the super-delicate eye area with this luxurious collagen-boosting sheet mask that reduces signs of stress and fatigue, thanks in part to the live, freeze-dried collagen included in its formula.

Best mask for… Dull Skin

111Skin, CO2 Crystallising Energy Mask

We all have times when our skin appears a little… lifeless. This mask comes with serious tech advances from Japan, and is the first of its kind to use crystallization outside a clinical environment. It hydrates, soothes, brightens and prompts your own cells into action to produce more oxygen with its CO2 delivery system.