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While my love of my shoes has been well documented, my love of eyeglasses has remained a little more hidden, although always seen! I have many pairs and wear them because I need them.  But, as I do with my shoes, I take more style risks with my glasses and enjoy using them to make a bit of a statement.

The pair that I have been wearing the most are my Rhude x Thierry Lasry frames in the Rhodeo style in black. The thick (but not heavy) frames give me a bit of edge and have become a signature look. I sometimes travel with as many as 13 pairs of glasses or as few as 3,  and this pair is ALWAYS included. 

Lasry makes the most beautiful sunglasses that are inspired by the ’80s. The French designer handcrafts his collections in France, and the quality is terrific. He creates new shapes with a contemporary edge. I also love that the logo is engraved discreetly inside the temples, as I am not into ‘screaming’ logos. 

I have turned these into readers, as I do many sunglasses, because I find that sunglass frames tend to be bolder and more interesting, and I have to change the lenses anyway so that I can see!