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I don’t think it is a coincidence that Bottega Veneta’s Pouches resemble croissants, which happen to be my favorite treat.  Daniel Lee, Bottega’s new creative director, came from (Old) Celine (which I was a HUGE fan of) and brought his version of quiet elegance to the iconic Italian brand. I am a big admirer of his work and love all of it, the shoes (of course), the clothing and the incredible handbags.

Soft and voluminous, The Pouch which was designed to reflect the house’s heritage with a modern attitude, comes in 5 sizes. XS (coin purse) Small (clutch with strap), Medium (clutch),  Large (shoulder pouch)  and  XL ( shoulder pouch) in a variety of wonderful colors and textures. 

There are no ‘screaming’ logos’ and the leather is rich and buttery (much like croissants).  And, to top it off, when storing them, they all fit very nicely inside of each other creating a modern Matryoshka nesting doll effect.