I am drawn to unique packaging and product design that has a certain aesthetic. And while I can’t tell you exactly what that is, I know it when I see it. When I saw Photo/Genics + Co.’s collection, I knew it had to be a part of my retail offering.

The Los Angeles based line of hand-crafted custom scented candles, therapeutic aromatic diffusers, and interior mists uses raw, exposed concrete textures and metals that give it a strong modern, minimalistic look.

Founded by former model Nicole Bordeaux, Photo/Genics + Co. is made of  100% natural essential oil blends that pay tribute to her organic California lifestyle. The distinctive, earthy, whimsical scents were created by Nicole from memories of her childhood, living in hippy communes and theosophical camps.

Some of my favorites from the line include:

No.1 Hashish Concrete Dome Aromatic Set

This neutral gray concrete with accented black spike aromatic diffuser set is filled with natural lava rocks. It also comes with a scented oil, which you drip over the rocks. The smell is very relaxing and calming, with top notes of moroccan mint, cardamom and hyssop, with hints of basil, jasmine, lavender and cedarwood.

No. 3 Sativa Interior Mist

This elegant mist comes with a concrete cap, leather tassel pump, and a specially designed concrete base. The scent of sativa fully encompasses any room with top notes of musk and subtle hints of sheer white florals.

No. 6 Hyssop Concrete Candle

Made with high-grade coconut oil wax, this candle exudes top notes of cannabis, black currant, wormwood, cumin, clove, cinnamon, and amber, complete in a large concrete vessel.

Featured Products

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Body Care $52.00

Aromatic Bath Oil

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Hydrating Face Mist

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