Quincy Davis is my hero. At 23 years old, this pro surfer/designer/retailer is just getting started. 

She is disciplined, sweet, and smart as a whip.  We immediately clicked, as I was an athlete when I was younger and admire what it takes to become a professional. Quincy’s young skin takes quite a beating with the sun and the ocean, so it needs extra attention. It has been a pleasure helping her keep her skin healthy and glowing!

Quincy just opened her new retail boutique Quincy in Montauk, which coincides with my Hamptons Pop Up in August, so it is the perfect moment to get the skinny on this powerhouse woman.

How did you get started surfing?

I grew up in Montauk at the beach, surrounded by water and my whole family surfs!  I started at 7 and haven’t stopped!

What is the most challenging part of being a pro surfer?

I don’t have many complaints!! Haha, maybe the sun damage? Stay protected!!! 

What are some beauty challenges that you have had to face (pun intended!)?

Hydrating my skin from lots of travel and keeping it protected from the sun. I break out easily and have sensitive skin so I can’t use many different products. You really helped me find the ones that work for my skin. You knew right away!!! 

As a fellow beauty junkie, I need to know, what are your beauty must haves?

I have a lot ;)

What are your top 3 favorite surf spots in the world?

Montauk, Puerto Rico, and Tortola. 

Tell us about your latest venture.

I just opened my boutique! It’s called Quincy on main street in Montauk. It’s a collection of pieces curated by me and my lifestyle. Lots of bikinis, beauty, comfy sweats and jewelry! 

Sounds like I will be living at your store when I am there in August, can’t wait! Any other spots in Montauk that I need to check out?

Yes! Montauk’s town beaches, Happy Bowls for smoothies and juices, and Crow’s Nest for dinner!


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