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I met the brow artist Shaugnessy through her work. A client had the most fabulous brows and I asked her about them, which led me to the coolest woman who can transform a face with her microblading artistry. She is a perfectionist that strives for the most natural results, and I love this about her and her work.  Her brows really complement my facials and my clients are lucky enough to have her do several residencies a year at my Dallas Studio.

How did you get into Microblading?

I was managing a tattoo studio in Vancouver while I was attending Art school, and we always had women coming in asking if we offered “permanent makeup.” With a background in painting realism, portrait drawing as well as an interest in cosmetics, I felt that cosmetic tattooing just made sense for me! I had always wanted to tattoo but felt that there was a real need in the industry for realistic, natural-looking eyebrow tattoos. Instagram was a huge help in getting my work out there, and the rest is history!

What is the biggest challenge of your job?

Time management! I have been known to overbook myself and have a hard time saying no to squeezing clients in. I also have a habit of losing track of time when I’m tattooing a really full and fluffy set of brows! Sorry if I am late for your appointment! It just means that I am a perfectionist! :)

What/Who inspires you?

I am inspired by so many things, and so many people! I follow so many passionate female entrepreneurs who constantly inspire me to keep growing my businesses and stay creative!

We met through your good friend, who also is a client of mine,  I think our talents really complement each other!

Yes, I agree! The first time I met you, I immediately felt so comfortable around you. You are so welcoming and talented and it is always an honor to work with you in the studio!

What are some tips for anyone interested in getting their brows microbladed?

Do your research and be sure to see plenty of photos of your artist’s healed work as well as fresh! Look for head-on photos as well as close-up detail shots when looking at portfolios. This is your face, don’t settle for a bargain! :)

What sets you apart in the industry?

My main goal in tattooing has always been to create the most realistic looking work. I have never been afraid to create a “messy” brow or a “bumpy” nipple, as those little details or “flaws” are what makes the work look natural and undetectable! I am constantly studying the human body by learning about different skin types, hair loss, skin disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancers, and focusing on recreating the meticulous details and textures that make us unique!

Tell us a secret.

I am one of a dozen siblings!