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Fur Deluxe Shearling Ballerina

I learn many things from my clients and when the knowledge is about shoes, my feet perk up!

One of my lovely clients introduced me to Fur Deluxe, a brand that I can totally stand behind (and in front of and side x side).

With a strong ethos in eco-responsibility,  Fur Deluxe shoes are made of vintage fur, that is destined to be destroyed.

Each pair of shoes is unique and they can also customize depending on availability of the skins they have in stock.

Handmade in France, where the company is based, minimizes the ecological footprint and maximizes the quality.

My favorite style is the Fur Ballerina in Shearling, which I own in many colors.  They are comfortable , chic and so easy to wear.  The slipper of my dreams.