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I have said it many times and will continue to say it - your skin starts at your nipples and ends at your hairline! So many people forget about their décolletage and breast skin.

Over the years, gravity pulls our breasts down and collagen and elastin production decreases, resulting in cleavage wrinkles. As we age, these wrinkles become more prominent. Collagen and elastin act as a support system, keeping the skin firm. When they start to break down, the skin begins to sag inward, causing small creases, which eventually become wrinkles. 

I found the SIO ChestLift on Instagram, and it is a gamechanger for these fragile areas.  The re-usable patch helps to keep the breasts separate and works to compress décolleté wrinkles.  The Skinpad is made of super thin, medical grade silicone which creates a hydrating ‘microclimate’ that brings moisture from the skin’s deeper layers to the outside layers, creating a plumped, and smooth surface, while also activating and normalizing collagen production.  

Because they are so comfortable to wear, these are great to use when you are sleeping or on a long flight. Make sure to apply to clean, dry skin. After about 6 hours, remove it, rinse it with warm water, and place it back into the storage container.

One patch is good for up to 15 uses before needing to be replaced.

To further enhance the work of the Skinpad on your décolleté  follow with MBR Neck and Decolletage Cream.