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As the weather warms up, lighter food becomes more appealing. Packed with skin-friendly ingredients and bursting with flavor, these customized seasonal spring rolls are an easy, refreshing snack, appetizer, or meal.

The brown rice paper, which is high in fiber, makes the perfect nutritious base to hold the crisp colorful vegetables, and protein of your choice (optional). Fresh, seasonal vegetables and herbs are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which gently cleanse and help reset the digestive and immune systems.  They help protect skin from signs of aging, including wrinkles and age spots.  

Adding lean protein to the rolls such as tofu, chicken or shrimp, will increase collagen in your body. Collagen is the main structural protein that forms the connective tissue throughout our body. It makes up 80% of our skin and supports elasticity, firmness, and hydration.   

See below for the recipe, which you can adapt to the vegetables and protein you love and have on hand. 


Just Pack, Wrap, and Roll!

    • Brown Rice Wrapper: High in fiber, low in carbohydrates
    • Arugula: Anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants (contains carotenoids like beta-carotene, lectin, and zeaxanthin), heart-healthy, good source of vitamin K
    • Carrots: Full of antioxidants (contains carotenoids (beta-carotene), supports a strong immune system 
    • Cucumber: Full of antioxidants, hydrating, natural diuretic
    • Red onion: Antioxidant (including flavonoids like quercetin and anthocyanin)
    • Purple cabbage: Supports a strong immune system (vitamin C), anti-inflammatory (contains phytonutrients (sulforaphane), rich in vitamin K, gut healthy
    • Radish: Alkaline-forming food (keeps pH balance in check)
    • Avocado: Healthy fat (monounsaturated), vitamin K, folate, and vitamin C, and fiber
    • Cilantro: Antioxidant (due to the flavonoid quercetin which helps protect against the damage caused by free radicals in the body), rids the body of heavy metals, helps calm the nerves and improve sleep quality, helps lower blood sugar levels
    • Tofu: Contains: protein, manganese, calcium, selenium, and phosphorus
    • Chia seeds: Rich in omega-3,  high in antioxidants, high in vitamins and minerals (calcium, potassium, and magnesium), high in fiber
    • Sesame seeds: Rich in essential nutrients (copper, manganese, and calcium), may help lower cholesterol levels, may help reduce blood pressure, and help to balance hormone levels (especially post-menopausal women)