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Cleansing is the first step in any proper skin routine. Cleansers remove product build-up, and environmental impurities, including pollutants and free radicals. They also give skin a chance to breathe.  

While I typically focus on the face, it is important to cleanse the entire body head to toe, especially in the evening - the most crucial moment to avoid ‘taking the streets to the sheets’

Soaps can be rather boring, and some can be too harsh or overly fragranced. I have found a few unique ones that I think are terrific. From luxurious Italian hand soaps, to a multi-purpose sponge, my picks below make cleansing a little more special.


Eau D’Italie Liquid Hand Soaps
Created by one of the owners of the famed Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano, Italy in collaboration with some of the greatest ‘noses’ in the world, these lightly fragranced liquid soaps are made of top grade materials in modern, original packaging.  






World of Fischer Shampoo Bar
This icelandic, natural, zero waste brand has created a shampoo bar that contains natural, nourishing oils and a refreshing scent made with Icelandic Sitka Spruce and Lavender. The bar can also be used for washing the face and body. 



World of Fischer Cleaning Bar
This deluxe face cleansing bar has two sides, each with a unique purpose. Use the light colored side for a gentle, daily cleanse - it contains botanical oils infused with Icelandic and Oriental herbs, shea butter, vitamin E, oats and pink clay. Use the darker side for gentle exfoliation - it contains yucca root and volcanic ash from Eyjafallajokull. Suitable for all skin conditions, including sensitive, dry and oily skin. Apply wet soap bar directly to the face & neck, using round circular motions. 



Spongelle Travel Olibanum Body Buffer 
This Eco-friendly Body Wash Infused Travel Buffer is great for travel, or your gym bag. Formulated with a skin softening natural formula that includes essential oil fragrance blends and extracts of rosehip, green tea and hibiscus, this buffer will exfoliate, cleanse, massage and tone.




Spongelle Men’s Extreme Body Buffer
This All-in-One Body Treatment will cleanse, scrub, and hydrate for 20+ washes in an invigorating scent of Bergamot Absolute. Enriched with a blend of energizing extracts including cayenne pepper extract, the Men's Extreme Buffer will help skin feel smooth and clean after a long day.