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Keep dry winter skin at bay with these expert-approved hydrating skincare formulas.

With winter weather that feels like the arctic comes a number of seasonal skin woes. The top one to watch out for is dehydration, as the cold weather and subsequent dryness from blasting radiators and indoor heaters will zap skin of its moisture. To combat this, amp up your skincare routine with ingredients targeted for dry skin and swap your daily face cream for something a bit more nourishing. 

Beauty pros, who travel the world and work in all types of climates, have a number of go-to products for keeping skin hydrated and healthy, so we consulted seven top industry figures to find out which formulas to stalk up on this season. Avoid that tight, dry feeling and try out these expert-approved winter favorites for all skin types.


Joanna Czech

Celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech recommends the U Beauty Super Smart Hydrator for tired winter skin. If the name suggests, it's optimized to deliver relief. "This is an incredibly hydrating moisturizer with a patented hydra-serum capsule, which transports more water by weight to the deep layers of skin," Czech says.

For another moisturizing step, Czech reaches for the Oio 7 Moments Botanical Smoothing Oil. Using a face oil after a cream can help lock in all of the nourishing ingredients and actives, ensuring that they are absorbed into the skin. This particular oil is rich in squalane, organic prickly pear, and safflower oils, which Czech says "support the skin regeneration processes and enhances skin tone." She adds, "The oil-serum treatment helps to tighten the skin and visibly smoothes out wrinkles," so it's a great fit for aging skin.