For the Mom-to-Be: Vogue Editors Share Their Favorite Giftable Beauty Treatments

Call it something in the water—it seems that everywhere we look (the red carpet, the Vogue offices), another woman is gently swaying a newborn or glowing with the effects of a growing baby bump. Between the freshly anointed moms Zoe Saldana and Rosamund Pike attending last night’s Academy Awards alongside the ethereally expectant Keira Knightley, and the two editors currently on the baby track—not to mention last week’s post-natal return of model Ashleigh Good (complete with backstage baby-in-arms sightings)—plenty of congratulations have been in order. Which got us thinking—how to properly do so?

A quick survey of our on-staff mothers had one takeaway: Ditch the pint-sized presents—that baby will be well-stocked in onesies—and instead opt for an unexpected and wholly appreciated pre- or post-pregnancy beauty treatment, allowing for some much-needed me time. Ranking highest in hindsight of all of the gifts received were health and beauty indulgences, preferably performed at home and close to the infant. An in-apartment blowout from Glamsquad was the perfect present for Managing Editor Alexandra Macon, who welcomed the chance to enhance her still preternaturally thick pregnancy hair without venturing across town. Vogue Communications Director Hildy Kurykreveled in the transformative effects of living room yoga sessions coupled with lash extensions from Bling Lash, giving her an energizing and doe-eyed boost in preparation for her office return. House calls were also made for Contributing Editor Louise Hart, via gifted training sessions from Mind Body Fitness NYC—“the trainers were knowledgeable about pre- and post-natal bodies, and it helped reassure me that my muscles hadn’t completely atrophied”—and Executive Fashion Editor Jorden Bickham for a mani/pedi.

Thankfully, pregnancy-inspired beauty treatments are on offer across the country—here, a look at the gifts we’ll be getting every new mom on our list.



The Spa at The Crescent

Expectant Harmony Massage, from $130

400 Crescent Court


Joanna Czech

Customized facials, from $285

By appointment only