Skincare Guru to the Stars (Rihanna, Kate Winslet & More) Embraces Online Consultations

Skincare Guru to the Stars (Rihanna, Kate Winslet & More) Embraces Online Consultations

Skincare Guru to the Stars (Rihanna, Kate Winslet & More) Embraces Online Consultations

Video Chatting Your Way to Beauty

by: Natalie Gempel

Rihanna, Kate Winslet and Anna Wintour trust her with their faces — so do Dallas’ most beauty-savvy. Skincare guru Joanna Czech has graced the city with her expertise since opening the Joanna Czech Spa two years ago. And for those who can’t make it into the Victory Park skincare haven, Czech’s advice was available through her e-commerce site.

Now she’s taking things a step further with a completely redesigned website, which includes online skin consultations and more. Here’s the scoop on the digital destination:

What’s new on the website?

Our redesigned website has studio information, product descriptions and online shopping. There is something more in the works that we are launching hopefully in the next few months and we will keep you posted on that.

You’re doing online consultations for a limited time – how does that work?

The online skin consultations will be benefiting Unlikely Heroes organization with a mission to rescue, restore and rehabilitate child victims of sex slavery through the implementation of restoration homes, rescue and prevention programs. We will schedule you for 30 minutes, give a link to a private video chat room where the client and I will meet, allowing the client and I to discuss what goals she/he may have for their skin (yes — “look younger” is a great goal).

During this time, I will analyze and evaluate your skin. After the consultation we will email you a customized home skincare regimen.

How do you choose what brands are sold through the site?

The studio gets bombarded with new products to test, so it can be a challenge but I curate all the products I feature on the site based off of my experience and testing the efficacy of the product. Everything that the site and studio carry are products that I believe support the skin.

Are there any new brands that you’re excited about?

Ignae, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Vintner’s Daughter

All these products are not aggressive on the skin, they support the skin. And for me the most important is getting to know the creator of the line and making sure we have the same skin care philosophy.  I have developed relationships with these creators and I’m excited about partnering with them.