“The plan six to 12 months out should revolve around your skin’s conditions. Two weeks before the wedding, the plan should focus on hydrating, lifting and tightening treatments,” says Joanna Czech, celebrated esthetician, global skincare advisor for La Mer and owner of Joanna Czech Spa in Dallas, TX. “Lastly, get a manicure and pedicure a day or two before the wedding so it’s fully dry and doesn’t smudge the day of.”

“The month before your wedding should be completely experiment free,” advises Czech. “Say no to new invasive treatments, waxing, or brow shaping right before the big day. Do not try anything for the first time, as you don’t know how your skin will react and you might not have time to fix the reaction. Any experimentation should start 12 months before the wedding so that you have enough time to gauge your skin’s reaction.” If you need a little extra color on your skin, experiment with spray tans a month or two before, and if it works for you, get one two to four days before the wedding (definitely not the day before). And same goes for facials!