What Lies Beneath

The secret to a clear complexion? Newby Hands talks to three global experts about how to get to know your skin from the inside out

Joanna Czech treats clients in Dallas, New York and LA with her bespoke mix of high-tech and hands-on skincare. “The most common problems I see are dehydration and breakouts. And how this looks and feels can specify what the cause is – whether it’s medication, the wrong regime or even which internal organ is causing the problem. At least 80 percent of the faces I see are dehydrated- regardless of skin type, everyone needs more hydration. Skin can be affected by the environment (showing up in mild flare-ups), late-night partying (looks puffy, red and shiny) or antibiotics (reactive, often with red patches). But the most common cause is exfoliation- women literally destroy their skin with over-zealous polishing. I see skin left so thin and fragile that I think if that woman smiles once more her face will crack. If your skin feels sore, tight or slightly stings when you put on your face cream, then that’s a sign that you have damaged your protective barrier. Stop scrubbing and instead gently buff your face (after cleaning and drying it) with a facecloth, to remove dead cells without stripping the healthy surface. Then be really generous with a comforting cream, especially anything with ceramides in it, to build up your barrier. Drinking water is good; it’s not a direct skin hydrator but it speeds up cellular turnover and that helps heal over-worked skin. I also love serums or masks that use vitamin C to bring back the glow.”