Pumpkin Wine Elixir

Pumpkin Wine Elixir

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Pumpkin Wine Elixir with pumpkin wine concentrate for balanced, hydrated, and toned skin.

Highly revered by world renowned make up artists and celebrities, the Pumpkin Wine Elixir made it’s mark in the skin care industry in 1991 with it’s official debut.

The Pumpkin Wine Elixir is a highly concentrated, nutritious, and gentle toner for all skin types. Amino-Guanidine helps support healthy collagen structure, Spin Trap captures and redirects the spinning free radicals, green tea extract firms the skin, and pumpkin is one of nature's best anti-oxidants known for its high vitamin content. Our pumpkins are fermented into wine to created an ultra hydrating, toning, and firming elixir that will transform your skin from dull to vibrant with every day use. Use with the pumpkin peel for best results.

Featured in Lucky Magazine, InTouch Weekly, and Us Weekly.

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