Sous-Creme Derma-Fill

Sous-Creme Derma-Fill

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A gel-emulsion for deep moisturisation, sous-créme Derma-Fill contains hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract and is ideal for deep hydration and rejuvenation of even very dry and damaged skin. Provides visible effects of smoothing fine lines and restoring salt and water balance. Ideal priming before make-up. In just 7-8 days skin becomes more dense, firm and bright.


after cleansing and application of NRJ or Apax serum and concentrate (if necessary), apply a small amount of product to the whole face, neck and decolette. Distribute evenly, massage lightly until fully absorbed. Use daily, morning and evening, up to 4-6 times a day. Follow with skin cream according to skin type.

Perfect For

Age Prevention, Dull Fatigued Skin, Wrinkles/Fine Lines

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