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I do not believe in skin care trends. I believe in science, great technologies, manual massage, and effective products with the right ingredients to treat your specific skin conditions. However, there is so much information coming to us every day and it is hard to know who to listen to which can be overwhelming. Below are skincare trends that I hope you will reconsider.

1. Doing What Your Girlfriend or Social Media Influencer Does
Not all skin is created equally. There are many factors that determine what is needed for your skin at any given time including its condition, your lifestyle, stress levels, diet, and the climate you live in or are travelling to. Your regimen can change daily if these factors have changed.
Just because your girlfriend swears by a product, or a treatment does not mean that you are going to reap the same benefits she did. In fact, it could have an adverse reaction and damage your skin in the process. I have seen this many times.
Friends are great for so many things, but when it comes to your skin, always consult your esthetician or dermatologist before doing anything. Ask them about whatever your girlfriend recommended, to see if it would be a good fit for you.

2. Over Treating Skin
I see so many clients who have wreaked havoc on their skin with lasers, peels, scrubs etcOur skin needs to be supported and protected, and too many harsh treatments can irreversibly destroy it.

Lasers are one of the biggest culprits in my opinion and should be reserved for extreme circumstances and even then, approached with caution. In my 35 years of treating clients, I have seen a lot of skin damaged irreversibly by lasers, often used wrongly or irresponsibly. The two most common side effects I have witnessed are hypopigmentation (destruction of the melanocyte resulting in permanent white spots) and permanently thinned skin. Lasers create a controlled wound; however, the skin may respond by creating scar collagen instead of the healthy, flexible collagen we want. Many people take a casual approach to laser, and most clients are not suitable candidates. If you decide to pursue laser treatment, however, make sure you are seeking the most educated, experienced, and conservative doctors to perform these types of advanced treatments.

Over exfoliating is the other. It can irritate skin and strip it of its protective lipidic barrier. It can also create micro-tears, creating inflammation and making your skin more sensitive. Since physical exfoliation can be harsh, depending on your skin’s condition, do not use one more than 2-3x per week. And do not use physical exfoliation if you have acne as the granules can irritate the already inflamed skin.

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3. Only Focusing on Your Face
Our skin is the body’s largest organ. Stretched out, it measures about 2 square meters with only a small percentage dedicated to our face. 25% of our body’s immune system is contained within the skin - it regulates temperature and has a vital function in acting as an immune gatekeeper, protecting our organs. Given these facts, if we want to maintain optimal skin health, it is just as important to focus on skincare for our bodies, as it is for our faces.

Our neck, décolleté and hands have fewer sebaceous glands, so they are the first to show signs of aging. It is the reason I always say, the face starts with the nipples and ends with the hairline.’ To keep these areas healthy and glowing, you need to focus on them, and an effortless way to do this is to use whatever you use on your face and whatever you use on your body on them, so they are getting double the treatment every day.

4. Skipping Your Nighttime Routine
We can be lazy creatures; we get home from a night out and crawl into bed with our makeup on and all the dirt and pollution from the streets on our sheets.
This is a big mistake. The evening is the most valuable time for skincare.

Products can be about 60% more effective when our bodies are at rest. You will see results with the most basic routine which includes Cleansing, Toning, Serum Application and Moisturizer.

So, if you must skip a routine, do it in the morning.

5. Disregarding Toner
Toner is probably the most misunderstood product in skincare. Many people think it is a second step in cleansing and others skip it entirely.
Maintaining the proper pH of our skin is incredibly important. Skin is naturally acidic - around 5.5 pH. There are many factors that can disrupt our skin's pH, the most substantial being dramatic changes in temperature, from hot to cold. Other factors can be the foods we eat, the stress we endure, the products we use. When our skin’s pH raises towards alkaline levels it sets off a chain reaction that results in TEWL (trans epidermal water loss), dehydration and eventually inflammation.

I always recommend my clients to use a pH balancing toner immediately after cleansing. The reason for this is because water has a pH of 7, which is neutral. That raises our skin’s pH, and although it will eventually return to the acidic baseline, balancing it quickly will help create the ideal environment for optimum skin health and to better receive the next products that follow.