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If you ask anyone from her loyal Dallas clients to her list of celebrity friends, or just Google her name, you will find the same adjectives used to describe Joanna: smart, funny, honest and stylish. Her education and expertise allow her to solve the most difficult skin problems, and her stories and jokes make it a pleasure to experience.

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Anna, a dedicated Esthetician hailing from Poland, has spent the past year refining her craft at Joanna Czech. Her journey into skincare began with a personal struggle against acne, sparking a desire to understand and treat skin ailments effectively. Transitioning from a college degree in economics to cosmetology school, Anna found her true passion in esthetics, specializing in Sculptural Face Massaging techniques like Kobido Japanese massage and buccal massage. With a penchant for customized treatments and skincare routines tailored to each client's needs, Anna excels in addressing concerns such as rosacea, aging, and sensitivity. 

In her leisure time, Anna finds solace in Pilates sessions and skiing adventures with her family, all while nurturing her love for travel. She swears by Joanna Czech's Soothing Serum for its transformative effects on her skin, combatting redness, hydrating, and promoting a healthy glow. Anna believes in the power of monthly facials not only for skin rejuvenation but also for mental relaxation and confidence-building. Witnessing her clients' skin improve over time brings her immense joy and fulfillment, reinforcing her commitment to helping others achieve their healthiest, most beautiful skin. 


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Introducing Bella, a dedicated esthetician hailing from Northern California. Bella's fascination with the intricacies of the skin led her to this career, drawn by its comprehensive nature and the opportunity to treat the whole person to enhance both appearance and well-being. Specializing in acne cases and hyperpigmentation, her favorite service is the Enhanced LED Facial, allowing ample time with clients and the use of cutting-edge technology. 

Bella swears by The Toner from Joanna Czech's product line, finding its simplicity and versatility ideal for any skin type or condition. Beyond the studio, she indulges in tennis, exploring new restaurants, and staying updated on skincare trends. Having battled acne, Biologique Recherche’s Dermopurifiante moisturizer proved invaluable, while the Environ C-Quence levels have brightened her complexion and smoothed fine lines. 

Believing in the importance of routine facials, Bella highlights the scientific significance of a 30-day skin cycle and the personalized care provided by an experienced esthetician. For her, the consistency of seeing clients allows for tangible improvements, making the skincare journey rewarding for both the esthetician and the client. 

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Meet Lauren, an experienced esthetician originally from Richmond, Virginia. Lauren's journey into esthetics was fueled by her personal struggle with sensitive skin, sparking an obsession with skincare ingredients and the science behind it. Specializing in helping clients control rosacea, she crafts customized treatment plans and at-home regimens. 

Lauren's favorite service to perform is the Environ's Vitamin C peel, utilizing iontophoresis and sonophoresis to infuse the peel, leaving clients with even toned and radiant skin. The Soothing Serum from Joanna Czech is her go-to product, providing hydration and comfort to sensitized skin, a staple in her skincare routine. In her free time, Lauren enjoys reading, watching true crime, and spending quality moments with her cat, Spaghetti. 

With personal concerns focused on combating redness and strengthening her skin barrier due to rosacea, Lauren keeps her routine simple. Her favorites include Joanna Czech's Soothing Serum, Environ's Colostrum Gel, and C-Quence Serum. Emphasizing the importance of regular services, Lauren believes that professional guidance enhances at-home skincare efforts, adapting tailored treatment plans to address evolving skin conditions. 

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Meet Jennifer, a seasoned esthetician based in Dallas, Texas, bringing three years of expertise to Joanna Czech. Her passion for facial massage and its transformative impact on facial contours inspired her to pursue a career in esthetics. Jennifer specializes in tailoring facials to address individual skin concerns, with Microcurrent being her favorite service. 

Driven by a commitment to healthy, radiant skin, Jennifer swears by the C+ Serum for its ability to provide overall radiance and hydration. Outside the spa, she finds solace in ceramics, showcasing her creativity on the potter's wheel. Jennifer personally grapples with skin texture, post-acne marks, and dryness, addressing these concerns with a carefully curated skincare routine featuring Forlle’d Refining lotion, Forlle’d Placenta serum, Environ C Quence serum, Cream Masque Vernix at night, The Cream in the morning, and ISDIN Ageless tinted SPF. 

Advocating for regular skincare services, Jennifer emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent routine to achieve balanced, radiant, and youthful skin.

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Meet Natalia, a seasoned Esthetician hailing from Poland, mirroring the roots of Joanna Czech. With nearly six years of expertise at Joanna Czech, Natalia's journey into esthetics began in her childhood, watching her mother's skincare rituals. Influenced by this early exposure, Natalia developed a profound passion for skincare, finding immense satisfaction in the transformative effects of a dedicated skincare routine. Specializing in enhancing skin appearance and overall happiness during facials, Natalia excels in guiding clients to achieve excellent results at home with suitable products. 

Every step of the facial process holds a special place in Natalia's heart, from cleansing and massaging to ultrasound treatment, creating a remarkable cumulative effect. She ardently recommends Joanna Czech's Vitamin C serum, considering it a skin-transforming investment that brightens, hydrates, and improves elasticity and tone. In her leisure time, Natalia cherishes moments with her family, exploring exciting places suitable for kids. As she prioritizes collagen production in her aging skincare routine, Natalia incorporates products rich in Vitamin C, retinol, and peptides, highlighting Environ's Frown serum and C-Quence for their efficacy. 

Natalia emphasizes the importance of regular facials for maintaining radiant skin, preventing premature aging, reducing hyperpigmentation, and effectively addressing acne concerns. Through consistent facial treatments, she ensures that clients' skin remains balanced, rejuvenated, and free from common issues, contributing to its natural beauty and overall health. 

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Meet Melissa, a passionate esthetician from Michigan and the newest addition to the Joanna Czech team. Melissa's journey into esthetics stems from a lifelong fascination with how the skin functions to keep us healthy and protected. Her love for working in a spa environment reflects her commitment to creating a relaxing and uplifting experience for her clients. 


Specializing in incorporating a soothing and lifting massage that enhances circulation and smooths facial and neck muscles, Melissa's favorite service is the incorporation of LED technology into facials, boosting the skin's function at the cellular level. She swears by Joanna Czech's Face Mask, appreciating its soothing and calming properties that provide an instant plump glow. 

Outside the spa, Melissa finds joy in travel and immersing herself in nature. With fair skin prone to sunburn and hyperpigmentation, SPF and a Vitamin C serum are her skincare staples. Whether using Joanna Czech's C + Serum or Environ's C-Quence, Melissa prioritizes these steps before applying moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Highlighting the importance of regular facials, Melissa emphasizes the ease and speed with which professional estheticians can address specific skin concerns. Their ability to customize treatment plans and recommend suitable products for individual skin types makes regular facials a crucial aspect of maintaining healthy and radiant skin.