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One of the most important investments for your skin is a great esthetician. With so many treatments and products out there, it is important to disclose any and all information pertaining to your skin to your esthetician ahead of your facial, as failure to disclose information can impact the treatment in terms of technology and products used to treat the skin. 

Below are the 5 most important things to share with your esthetician before any facial.

  1. Do you have any food allergies/ skincare ingredient allergies/ products you have reacted to in the past? 
  1. Are you currently any medications, particularly ones that affect the skin (i.e. Accutane, Spironolactone, birth control, etc.)? If you aren’t sure there is a connection, you should ask. 
  1. You should also let your esthetician know if you are pregnant, as this will impact what products and technology would be used in your facial.
  1. Do you use retinol? This will determine the exfoliation methods your esthetician can use. It also impacts what products your esthetician will recommend.
  1. Do you have any Botox or fillers? Depending on what you have and when you got it, your esthetician will determine what modalities or method of facial massage (if any) can be performed. 

Most intake forms your esthetician’s office requires you to fill out before your treatment will address these questions. It is imperative that you remember how important this information is, and disclose everything. We are not here to judge! Failure to mention any conditions or any of the things listed above could be dangerous. Once these have been discussed, your esthetician will be best able to treat you and your skin properly and effectively.