If you suddenly have an unattractive breakout of blackheads on your nose or your complexion seems uneven and ruddy, you could be suffering from clogged pores.

It happens to the best of us, but we don’t have to put up with it! If you follow my advice, you can clear your pores and achieve a radiant complexion.

What causes clogged pores? 

There are several factors that can lead to unsightly clogged pores.

Dead skin: When dead skin cells accumulate on the top layer of the skin – the epidermis – they can block pores.

Excess oil: The second layer of skin – the dermis – contains sebaceous glands which produce the skin’s natural oils, known as sebum. While these oils help to keep the skin soft and smooth, the sebaceous glands can sometimes produce too much sebum, causing dead skin cells to stick together and congest pores.

Incorrect cleansing: A build-up of makeup and other skincare products can also clog your pores. Even exfoliating – which is often touted as the best way to clear up pores – can aggravate the problem if it’s done too often or too aggressively. Excessive scrubbing can dry out the skin and cause it to produce even more oil to compensate.

Hormones: Hormonal changes due to puberty or pregnancy can increase your skin’s oil production and lead to blocked pores and breakouts.

A high-sugar diet: While eating chocolate or other sweets won’t directly cause acne, a process known as glycation – which occurs when your body breaks down sugars – also causes your skin’s collagen and elastin to break down, leading to sagging and wrinkled skin.

How can we prevent and treat clogged pores?

Always cleanse your face at night: Don't ever go to bed with your makeup on! You can do a double cleanse starting with the Cleansing Gel by Environ to dissolve sebum, followed by Environ’s Sebumasque to detach everything you dissolved with the oil. After that, use a PH-controlling toner – my favourite is Biologique Recherché – followed by a serum and a balancing cream. Don’t over-exfoliate – no more than twice a week.

Use anti-glycation products: I use two great skincare lines that address the glycation process: The first is Biologique Recherché’s Serum A-Glyca, and the second is the new Portuguese line Ignae. I love their Enriched Regenerating Serum. They can make a big difference in the appearance of your pores.


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