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Introducing Body at Joanna Czech

Our skin is the body’s largest organ. Stretched out, it measures about 2 square meters with only a small percentage dedicated to our face. And, 25% of our body’s immune system is contained within the skin - it regulates temperature and has a vital function in acting as an immune gatekeeper, protecting our organs. Given these facts, if we want to maintain optimal skin health, it is just as important to focus on skincare for our bodies, as it is for our faces.

We are excited to offer the following treatments to our service menu:

Body LED  $600 for half-body, $1,200 full body (not suitable for pregnant clients)

Body LED is our signature body treatment, utilizing the same technologies as our LED facials. Clients can select the upper body (front and back of arms), lower body (buttocks and thighs) or combine both for full body rejuvenation. The treatment includes mechanical exfoliation with diamond abrasion or remodeling gloves, application of serums targeted to the clients’ specific skin concerns, followed by cell-energizing Ultrasound with LED and Microcurrent with LED to lift and sculpt. The treatment is finished with application of hydrating and firming body creams or oils.

Neck and Décolleté Treatment  $350/hour, $550/90 min

The Neck and Décolleté Treatment is completely customized for each client to treat the delicate skin below the chin. This area is prone to laxity, wrinkles and pigmentation, and our targeted treatment will address each clients’ specific concerns. Skin will appear hydrated, lifted and refreshed. Our modalities include Microcurrent, Ultrasound, LED, Cryotherapy, Micro Needling and Radio Frequency. Consultation is required for Micro Needling and Radio Frequency. 

Back Facial   $350/hour, $550/90 min

Our Back Facials are ideal for any client who wants a deep cleanse, or to reinvigorate tired skin. A thorough cleanse with steam and extractions is the first step in clearing acne, and is enhanced with Ultrasound and antibacterial blue LED. Skin can be revitalized with a peel or targeted mask, and strengthened with collagen-stimulating LED therapy.