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When I came to the United States 30 years ago and moved to New York City,  I was overwhelmed to say the least! The energy was incredible, and people always seemed to be in a rush (nothing has changed!). One thing I noticed, was that in the morning on their way to work, women would be running around with their bags in one hand, heels in the other, and their hair would be soaking wet which I thought it was so strange,  because back in Poland, we always showered at night.

The air that surrounds us is full of dirt, smog, dust, and other free radicals. All of those particles stick to our clothes and skin throughout the day, and transfer on to the surfaces we sit on and touch. When we don’t bathe or rinse off before we get in to bed, we are literally bringing the dirt and grime from the streets on to our sheets. 

No matter how tired I am, I always shower (or rinse off at the very least) before I get into bed with Sudoku or a good book. It is a critical part of my evening routine.