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What Is Dry Brushing?

As the name implies, always start on dry skinThe best time to dry brush is in the morning, just before a shower.  Start gently 2x per week, and allow your skin to get used to it.

What Are The Benefits?

Dry body brushing is a form of exfoliation that has been used for hundreds of years in many cultures. The mechanical action of dry brushing has many benefits. Among them include: 

  • It is a great energizing and purifying treatment. 

  • It boosts blood circulation, brightening the skin. 

  • It sheds dead, dehydrated skin cells which increases cellular turnover and allows for better product absorption. 

  • It plumps the skin temporarily through micro swelling, temporarily decreasing the appearance of cellulite. 

  • It helps flush toxins from the body.   

How Do You Dry Brush?

As your skin adjusts, you can do it every morning if you like. It should be performed firmly once you are comfortable with it. 

Start on your feet and continue towards your head. Always dry brush following your heart's direction. On your stomach and joints perform round, clockwise motions. Use long strokes on your arms and legs towards the heart.

Follow with a hydrating body oil or moisturizer such as Costa Brazil's Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil, or Biologique Recherche's Huile Detente Body Oil.

  1. Never brush over skin that is broken (i.e. cuts, acne breakoutssunburns, sores etc.)  
  2. Don’t brush over areas of redness, inflammation or infection.  
  3. Stop dry brushing if skin becomes irritated or inflamed
  4. Do NOT use the brush on your face.