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Typically, cream masks are great for longer lasting results as opposed to sheet masks, which are better for instant effects. One of my favorite cream masks is Forlle’d Sparkling Gel Mask which offers both longer lasting and instant results.

Forlle’d Sparkling Gel Mask is designed to enhance cell metabolism, stimulate collagen synthesis, activate microcirculation, improve tissue respiration, and promote detoxification. The results are a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and a gentle lift. Immediately skin appears glowing, smooth, and healthy.

The mask contains a complex of royal jelly and soybean glycine fermented with Bacillus subtilis enzymes which work as a postbiotic. Under this postbiotic action, stimulation of collagen synthesis, immunity normalization, the proper synthesis of lipids that protect the skin, and the formation of native vitamins occur.

This unique mask is great for people living or visiting urban areas that are more prone to pollution. It also bubbles on the skin as it works, giving it that sparkle along with great skin.