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Future is one of our latest additions, and their Beauty Drops, which are the brand’s essential serums, are standouts in the line. They each contain a unique combination of plant extracts and silk amino acid that target specific skin conditions. And they all hydrate, nourish and protect the skin which aligns perfectly with what our skins need.

You can use Future Beauty Drops underneath your moisturizer, mixed with your moisturizer, or in some cases, you can replace your moisturizer with one of them depending on your skin. You can also cocktail the Beauty Drops together, or use each one on different areas of the face at the same time, creating a more personalized treatment.

Below is a breakdown of the three variations:

Beauty Drops No.1 is for sensitive, delicate, and very fragile skin. The soothing and moisturizing serum is 100% water-based and contains herbal extracts and silk proteins.

Beauty Drops No.2 is a powerful ‘well-aging’ serum, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory plant extracts for dehydrated skin. It is also great for sun-damaged skin.

Beauty Drops No.3. is a moisturizing serum with powerful purifying and re-balancing qualities for acne prone and congested skin. It is also a wonderful base for makeup.