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I live to learn.

In the hours I spend treating my clients, I educate them, share my passion for skin, and hopefully empower them. But the real perk I get from my work is the insight and knowledge I gain from these amazing women and men who share their lives with me. 

These conversations, over my 30 years in skin care, have led to life changing experiences and an inspired way of life--the places I have been, the way I dress, my attitude toward health and wellbeing, my formidable collection of dirty jokes…

For a while now, I have been thinking about how I could share these things with all of you (skin, health, shoes, cakes, sports, travel, did I mention shoes?). So ….DRUMROLL….I am so excited to introduce you to, an editorial website that touches on all of these things in easy to digest categories including: Skin ScienceTips of The TradeJoanna LovesCzech Mate, Czech Life, and Ask Joanna

From serums to stacked heels, you’ll find my honest opinion on all sorts of topics. I’ll share with you what I have learned and the things I love.