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I am a big believer in Japanese skincare. It often represents the best in science and innovation. Forlle’d Skin Care is a robust Japanese line backed by incredible science that offers terrific results. There are over 60 products, and it took a thorough training and testing for me to understand and choose an edited selection for our clients. 

The Forlle’d Innovative Nano-Delivery System (FINDS), is at the crux of the brand. It helps to transport active ingredients non invasively to all layers of the skin without disturbing its integrity, to deeply moisturize and enhance the skin's natural regeneration and immunity. 

 FINDS is an exclusive combination of patented ultra-low molecular Hyaluronic acid and Ionized Minerals that facilitate transportation of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Forlle’d products also contain patented low molecular Ceramides, that have maximum authenticity with human skin cells and low molecular Platinum, an antioxidant that resists all forms of active oxygen.  

The Unique complex of active low molecular weight ingredients together with Ionized Minerals works synergistically at skin epidermis and dermis for maximum benefits which include: 

  • Helps restore the skin structure 
  • Boosts cell regeneration 
  • Increases hydration and detoxifying ability 
  • Enhances skin immunity and protects against irritants and allergens  
  • Normalizes mineral balance within the skin  
  • Accelerates the healing process. 

Forlle’d is a cruelty-free brand, with no animal testing and a commitment to ethical, sustainable practices (including ethical approaches for ingredient sourcing and fully recyclable packaging). 




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