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When I was in my mid twenties and living in Poland, I decided to visit the United States for a six-week holiday to New York City. I instantly fell in love—the sounds, the smells, the diversity of people.

I decided to extend my holiday, and I ended up staying for 23 years. During my time in New York, I discovered what would become some of my favorite places. Here are a few…

For friends visiting I would always recommend The Mark Hotel for its elegance, location, and comfort. I also gravitate to The Bowery Hotel which is artistic, low-key, and has fantastic service.

As my friends know, I love shoes, and for shoes of every kind I must stop by Bergdorf’s for a little look… Similarly, it is impossible for  anyone to browse the boutiques in Soho without finding something chic.

If you love Italian food you will love Il Buco. Il Buco is a New York icon. It isn’t new or trendy but something of a New York institution, the food is classic and delightful, and the service is warm and embracing. I also love Marea and its formal atmosphere. Marea is the restaurant I choose when I wish to reminisce on the pleasures of eating seafood in the Mediterranean! I also love Le Bernadin for the freshest seafood with a French flavor. For something different and modern, try Eleven Madison Park: beautiful park views and modern American food. Plan for a long lunch at this venue.

For rustic, heartwarming dining I like Cesca. And most importantly, for the best pizza I have to recommend Numero 28 Pizzeria.


For coffee, I like Lady M Cake Boutique. However, if I’m being completely honest, I should say the coffee is stellar, but perhaps more importantly, the cakes are divine! These cakes are so good that people ship them across the country.

People often ask me what my favorite cultural attraction is in New York. Of all the wonder, culture, art, and circumstance that New York offers, my favorite cultural attraction is simply to walk Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and hear the sounds of people speaking in so many different languages—it’s heart-warming.

That said, while part of the thrill of a city like New York is the buzz and constant activity, a quiet spot away from the noise is key. You must try St Patrick’s Cathedral on a Saturday for the 5.30pm Mass for a beautiful and uplifting experience.