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It is important for all of us, regardless of gender, to take care of our skin based on its needs and conditions. However, men and women tend to differ in their focus and commitment to skincare. 

While some men do get facials and use products consistently, there are many men that think it is too feminine, or they don’t feel well-informed, and therefore back away from taking care of it properly. Some men borrow their partners products, which may or may not be appropriate for them. 

Men's vs Women's Skincare

There are some key differences and preferences between male and female skin that affect the treatments and products they should select 

Men have larger hair follicles on their faces and backs (creating thicker, coarser hair), more sebaceous glands on their bodies, and higher levels of testosterone.  

Testosterone accounts for the fact that men’s skin is 25% thicker than women. It is also responsible for the rougher texture that we associate with male skin. However, rougher skin doesn’t necessarily mean tougher skin. Whenever a razor glides against the top layer of skin, it removes it, which can cause irritation. 

While women often love dewy, hydrated looking skin, many men prefer a matte finishMen also tend to prefer simplicity and speed when it comes to products.  

Where to Find a Skincare Routine for Men

In thinking about men’s needs, and wanting to make it easier for them to have healthy skin, we have created the Men's Essential Edit: 

Men’s Essential Edit 

These selections incorporate the most important steps in a skincare regimen: cleansing, toning, serum application + moisturizer. Joanna has personally chosen her favorite products that are great for men's skin. 

This edit is designed to create a simple, quick and effective routine. With three products to treat the face and one for the body, this will address the skin from head to toe.