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I have been using Clé de Peau for over 25 years. While some of the original formulas and packaging of this Japanese brand have changed, I continue to incorporate my favorites into my treatments and my own personal routine. The products work on many skin conditions with no adverse reactions and the consistencies are really beautiful. 

If I had to pick my number one product from the line, it would be their Radiant Multi Repair Oil.  The unique combination of Rice Germ, Bio-Evening Primrose, Rosehip, and Camellia Oils with Cle de Peau’s proprietary Illuminating complex, is hard to beat.

I use the oil on my face and body (and in the summer, on my hair). It  keeps my skin hydrated and glowing and reduces  the  appearance of flaky skin.  It is an ideal finishing touch for arms, legs and décolleté.

Another little trick is to mix  Clé de Peau’s Radiant Fluid Foundation (another favorite) with a few drops of the oil. This  dilutes the foundation and creates a homemade tinted moisturizer. 

And as someone who is very sensitive to scent, the combination of peony and rare orchid is perfectly gentle.