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Hello Joanna,

I am in my early forties and my sagging eyelids are starting to really bother me. I feel that they make me look a lot older, and more tired, and I’m really reluctant to go down the surgery path. Why are they sagging like this, and is there anything I can do about them that is non-invasive?

The skin on your eyes is the thinnest skin on the face. As we age, our skin produces less and less collagen - the protein which is responsible for keeping the skin tight and plump. Eyelids are thin and thus more prone to aging because there is no lipidic layer and very few collagen fibers.  So it is natural for them to start to lose elasticity and sag earlier than other parts of your face.

Eyelids can also begin to sag at an earlier age due to genetics. Ptsosis (drooping or falling of the upper eyelid) is something that even infants can be born with.

I believe that facial massage is the best way to non-invasively lift sagging eyelids. You can use my facial massager and begin with stimulating the frame of the face, 1-2 inches into the hairline. Work your way to the frontalis (the largest muscle of the forehead). Then, start massaging along your brow by using a pinching and lifting motion. 5-7 minutes of massage a day will give you results. Consistency is key!

I also recommend the Insight Collagen Eye Treatment Masks from CIRCELL. These patches are made using live, freeze dried collagen, and the highest concentration of stable collagen on the market. Fibers and peptides of this mask mimic the skin’s own collagen to offer visible restorative results. Pro tip: store them in your refrigerator. The cold will help to reduce puffiness as well.  

You can watch a tutorial on how to properly massage your face below.