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Hello Joanna,

In the last couple of years I have noticed that when I wake up in the morning the sleep-lines I have from my pillow and sheets take a really long time to go away, I am worried one day they will just stay there permanently! I’ve heard a silk pillowcase will help – what do you think of this idea? Also, do I need to step-up my night-time skin regime to help with this? I am 37.

While you are sleeping your body is very busy – consolidating memories, restoring your immune and nervous systems, replenishing your muscles after a hard day’s work, digesting, and – for the purposes of our discussion here – sleep is a really important time for your skin. This is when your body gets down to the busy work of repairing the damage done to tissue during the day, releasing growth hormone and generating new cells, it isn’t called Beauty Sleep for nothing!

So of course, you need to step up night time regime! Make sure you include all steps of cleansing, toning, applying serums, masking and moisturizing the skin.

I personally prefer satin pillows over silk because they don’t absorb products applied on your face as rapidly as silk does. Silk is harder to keep clean and satin is equally as smooth.

As much as you can help it try to switch side positions of sleep or try to sleep on your back, and try to go to bed hydrated.