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With spring around the corner, you welcome fresh blooms and sunny skies. But what about a new skincare regimen? You may think your skin is the same year-round. But the truth is that it's not.

Climate is a major factor in skin health. When temperatures increase in the spring, so do the levels of moisture in the air, encouraging skin's natural oil production. Therefore, when the seasons shift, so should your skincare. 

Support your skin as we transition from winter to spring with these tips and tricks from our team of talented estheticians.

What is a Spring Skincare Routine?

The weather changes dramatically between the winter and the spring in many regions of the world. The sun is out longer, and temperatures and humidity levels rise, calling for a new, lighter skincare regimen that also offers protection against UV rays.

Following a spring-specific routine will help you maintain adequate moisture levels and protect you from UV rays.

How to Get Glowing Skin in Spring

Rich moisturizers and gentle cleansers can save your skin during winter, but once the first raindrops of spring hit the grass, your skincare routine will need to shift. With increased humidity and extra sunshine, I recommend a lighter regimen that also offers protection.

Just a few adjustments to your skincare routine in the spring will promote a radiant complexion. Generally, a lighter lotion is sufficient because as the weather warms, there's more moisture in the air, making rich creams less necessary.

Dry skin can cause sensitivity, which I see a lot during the cold winter months, so spring may be an optimal time to include an exfoliating treatment in your routine. Physical and chemical exfoliators are effective at clearing away the dry, dead skin cells that can build up on the skin's surface after winter. However, you should always do a patch test and ask your esthetician which exfoliant is right for you since there is such a wide range of ingredients and strengths. 

Lastly, if you weren't using SPF during the winter, you'll certainly want to include it in your spring and summer skincare lineup. I know it sounds obvious, but with more hours of sunshine, and untouched winter skin, burns can happen rather quickly.

Best Spring Skincare Products

We asked Natalia Kozba, one of our talented estheticians at the Dallas studio, which skincare products she advises her clients to use during spring. As an ingredient and product expert, she shared which products pair best with different skin conditions. So whether your skin’s feeling oily, sensitive, or dry, we have the solution for your spring regimen.


The ideal cleanser for spring is effective enough to remove SPF, which can clog pores, while still respecting the skin’s barrier function. Sensitive and dry skin does best with a gentle gel cleanser, while oily or combination skin can handle a low foam formula.

Recommended Cleansers for spring include:

This soothing gel-emulsion cleanser is great for sensitive, dry, and normal complexions, leaving skin hydrated and instantly calming irritation.

Perfect for combination and oily skin types, this low-foaming cleanser removes excess surface oil and makeup while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance.


No matter the season, toning is a critical part of a healthy skin regimen. Toners balance the skin’s pH after cleansing, but they can also exfoliate, hydrate, or act as a treatment. There’s a perfect toner for you, depending on your skin type or condition at the moment.

Recommended Toners for spring include:


Recommended for all skin types except sensitive skin, the carefully balanced combination of anti-inflammatory fern extracts, fruit acid, and gluconolactone nourishes and refines your skin in just seconds. Use it at night as an exfoliant.

Excellent for ALL skin types, our toner hydrates, repairs barrier function, and enhances skin’s resilience to stress. Use it in the morning after cleansing or throughout the day.


The right serum for you varies depending on your skin concerns, but almost everyone can benefit from antioxidants in their skincare. Antioxidants help prevent the forming of free radicals from UV rays and pollution. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant I consistently recommend, especially in the spring when the sun is present. 

Recommended Serums for spring include:

This serum addresses the visible signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, and loss of elasticity, with just seven pure ingredients. Use it twice a day, morning and night.

This introductory serum contains the lowest concentration of vitamins A and C while still creating the appearance of even, smoother, and healthier-looking skin. Use it every other night for the first weeks and every night after that. 

Lightweight and fast-absorbing, our C+ SERUM contains a stable form of Vitamin C. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to increase collagen production, hydrate, brighten, even out skin tone, and inhibit melanin synthesis.


As we already discussed, most people require less moisture during the spring months because of increased humidity. But that doesn’t mean you can skip out on moisturizers entirely; you may just need something a bit lighter. Hydration is still incredibly important in your routine. Those with aging or chronically dry skin or those residing in a desert region may still require a richer formula. 

Recommended Moisturizers for spring include:

Great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, this luxurious cream contains a variety of dynamic moisturizers and emollients that assist in enhancing the skin's barrier function. Easily absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling comfortable, hydrated, and smooth. 

Packed with ceramides, antioxidants, and bioactive peptides, our Cream effectively hydrates, energizes, and protects the skin from harsh environmental irritants. Perfect for any time of day and any skin type.


Many people get accustomed to skipping sunscreen in the winter and wind up with sunburns after the first sunny weekend in spring. Stay protected with either a convenient mineral powder or lotion with SPF.

Recommended SPF for spring includes:

Mineral Brush provides on-the-go protection against the visible signs of photoaging, perfect for oily skin or those who prefer a matte finish. The smooth, fine powder containing titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, and iron oxides protects against free radicals, pollution damage, blue light, and infrared radiation.

Chuda’s exclusive Remedea Compound and a curated blend of anti-aging, medical-grade actives combine with a powerful broad-spectrum SPF 30 to deliver light but intense hydration, perfect for dry skin in spring.

Body Care

Let’s not forget about the skin on our bodies. Dry brushing and gentle exfoliators are great for spring as we shed our layers and show more skin. Plus, anyone can benefit from using antioxidant-packed body oils to achieve that healthy glow and protect against free radical damage. 

Recommended Body Care for spring includes:

A light, easy-to-apply lotion that contains several excellent moisturizers and gentle exfoliators, including Lactic acid, Urea, and Ammonium Lactate, that help refresh dull winter skin. Regular use helps improve the appearance of both skin texture and tone, leaving it soft and smooth. 

A light, conditioning oil containing high levels of vitamins A, C, and E and rosemary extracts that nourish and relieve dry and sun-damaged skin.

Wrapping Up: Achieving Your Best Skin in Spring

Spring cleaning is the last step to radiant spring skin. Throw away any expired skincare products, keeping in mind that most don’t last longer than a year. Old skincare and cosmetics lose potency and build up bacteria when they are past their prime, which counteracts all the positive effects you’re working towards.

Lastly, achieving radiant spring skin only begins with products. A significant portion of skin health comes from how you care for your body as a whole, including eating local fruits and veggies, drinking enough water, and moving your body daily.